Hospice White River

We Extend our sincere thanks to
• Our landscape architect
• The Wellness Specialist 
• Martin from NuPlan
• Danie Joubert Architectural Services 


Hospice House is the touchpoint location for the caring and compassionate work Hospice White River does in the community. While the house is entirely functional as the base of operations of the Hospice White River team, it is not particularly well suited to accommodating the often-emotional interactions between ourselves and those community members in our care struggling with disease or loss.

This lack is exacerbated by the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, in which restrictions dictate we cannot host more than a handful of people indoors at any given time.

Hospice Haven will utilise the abundant garden area at the back of the property to create an inviting, functional, contemporary space where people can meet, gather, or simply seek refuge from the strain invariably present when dealing with severe illness or battling with grief. It will be a place of reflection but also a place of inspiration with a calming influence.

The existing garden will be revamped utilising the services of various professionals within the White River community. An area of approximately 40sqm will be paved with versatile, durable and modular seating facilities added.  A portion of the area will be covered so that it can be used even in inclement weather.